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Median house prices in Australia 30 years ago

It’s true enough that some cities are currently experiencing sliding property prices, offering some respite and opportunity to first-home buyers, but have you ever wondered what the average home was worth ‘back in the day’?

How much did your parents or grandparents have to fork out when they purchased their first property? Its fair to say, prices were a little lower back then…

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Cairns Rainforest Retreat

Spectacularly blended with its wild surrounds, ‘Planchonella House’ was dreamed up and created by husband and wife, Jesse Bennet, an architect and builder, and Anne-Marie Campagnolo, an interior designer.  The Edge Hill property feels incredibly isolated, nestled against the lush rainforest of Mt Whitfield Conservation Park, yet is located just 15 minutes from Cairns town centre.

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Rubbish Dump Home Sells After Unexpected Offer

One “lucky” buyer has managed to purchase a Granville property for $215,000 less than the median house value of the West Sydney suburb.  34 Seventh St, sold prior to auction for $630,000, epitomises the idiom, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

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Australian Castles For Sale

When one thinks of castles, images are evoked of medieval European structures, perhaps Game of Thrones or Harry Potter. Australia is not normally associated with such things, but here in the land down under we do have our fair share of colossal mansions and palaces....

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5 ways to pay off your mortgage faster

So, you’ve secured a home loan and bought the house of your dreams? We recognise this is no small feat, so enjoy the euphoria and let it soak in that you are now officially a homeowner! Once you’ve settled into your new lifestyle, you’ll want to make some quick...

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Property heating up in the regions

For the many Australians struggling to break into the competitive and expensive city housing markets, smaller towns may be about to offer some relief. Most regional communities offer more affordable housing than the capital cities, but until now, many have been...

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5 Ways To Winter Proof Your Home

With winter officially beginning tomorrow, now’s the time (if you haven’t already) to get your home ready for the colder months ahead. To give you a head start, we’ve got 5 tricks that’ll keep you warm and toasty over those upcoming winter nights. 1) Insulate Not only...

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Australia’s 10 most-common street names

Australia; our land of beauty rich and rare, and a bunch of streets named after British monarchs! We’ve gone through and put together a list of the top 10. Does your street feature? #10: Queen Street Total number of Queen Streets in Australia: 311 She’s on the back of...

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Affordable Private Island Paradise

Private island ownership – a dream exclusively reserved for lavish multi-millionaire business moguls and Hollywood celebrities, right? Aside from the Richard Bransons and Johnny Depps of the world, owning your own island is surely nothing more than an unattainable,...

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