Trends point to June being the best time of year to secure yourself a great deal on a new set of wheels .

With dealers wanting to end their financial year on a high, prices and deals are expected to start dropping in the next few weeks, making June the perfect time to save some cash while also taking the driver’s seat of your dream car.

But before signing that dotted line, remember to ask these questions:

If buying a new car:

What are the on-road costs?

You may have found the perfect deal – just be sure there’s no expensive on-road costs waiting around the corner. Some cars have them hidden in the contract’s fine-print, others will add up in petrol or annual servicing. Take a look online to see what current owners have to say about the make/model.

How long is the warranty?

Warranties can be based on kilometres or timeframes. Make sure you know which one applies to your new ride, and how long it will realistically last. After all, you don’t want to be on the side of the road, out of service and out of pocket.

Can I trade in my existing car?

If it’s not your first car, you may be able to knock a few dollars off the bill by trading in your existing car. Ask whether or not you can make a trade – but make sure you’re not being ripped off. Do some research online first to see how much your old car is really worth.

Is the price negotiable?

The car yard wants you to pay top-dollar, but the salesman wants to secure the deal. Turn on the charm and try bargaining – you might drive away with a steal.

If buying a used car:

How many previous owners has the car had?

Use this information to gauge how the car has been maintained and treated. If its been passed around a lot, it could be a potential red-flag.

Has it ever been in an accident, or have any debt on it?

Don’t forget this one. You don’t want to get stuck with a soon-to-be dud.

Can I have an inspection?

If the sellers says “no”, alarm bells should be ringing and you may be looking at an unroadworthy car. If you suspect the owner has something to hide, don’t buy the car.

Why are you selling?

Especially on online auctions, find out why the original owner is selling. It’ll give you a better idea on how reliable the car is.

Don’t forget:

With end of financial year upon us, tempting finance offers are likely to make a cameo appearance.

These seemingly dream deals can become quite expensive after delving into the nuts and bolts of the deal.

So to avoid any post-finance regrets, or to be stuck in a situation where you’re required to pay a large lump sum, we recommend chatting to one of our friendly brokers about a (no obligation) alternative payment option.