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5 Secrets To Successful House Flipping

‘Flipping’ is a term that has received a lot of media coverage recently. With all the media hype it may seem like everyone is getting in on the action. However recent CoreLogic reports reveal ‘flipping’ may not be as popular as portrayed, with flipped dwellings down...

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5 Ways To Keep Your Lawn Perfect This Year

There’s nothing like the smell and appearance of a freshly cut lawn, yet no matter how much you trim and water the grass, you can’t seem to get it just right. Follow these 5 lawn hacks to have your neighbours in envy of your fresh, lush lawn. Trim to the...

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Buying Off The Plan Property Is Going To Get Harder

A federal government plan to plug a multibillion-dollar revenue hole will make life harder for off-the-plan buyers and mum and dad developers, property experts have warned. When GST (1/11th of the purchase price) is paid on a newly built property, it’s the developer’s...

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Is now the perfect time to downsize my home?

With house prices rising rapidly around the country it’s no surprise you may be considering downsizing to a more manageable property.

Like anything, there are pros and cons to downsizing, which should be considered before calling the real estate agent.

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A Thief-Proof Garage

Want to make sure your car is safe and sound while you’re away over the holidays? An Italian company has designed a high-tech garage that will challenge even the most skilful of thieves.

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