Australia; our land of beauty rich and rare, and a bunch of streets named after British monarchs! We’ve gone through and put together a list of the top 10.

Does your street feature?

#10: Queen Street

Total number of Queen Streets in Australia: 311

She’s on the back of the coin, so it’s no real surprise that “Queen Street” features in the top 10. The team at Nectar were a little surprised that this didn’t rank higher.

#9: Victoria Street

Total number of Victoria Streets in Australia: 318

Named after Queen Victoria, we’ve dedicated 318 streets around the country to her, as well as throwing in a state.

#8: John Street

Total number of John Streets in Australia: 322

Although we have 322 John Street’s around the country, wool pioneer John MacArthur holds claim to the original John Street in NSW.

#7: Elizabeth St

Total number of Elizabeth Streets in Australia: 365

She’s been to Australia 22 times over her reign, and we’ve celebrated by naming a years’ worth of streets after her.

#6: Short St

Total number of Short Streets in Australia: 375

Not the most creative of names, but it does an adequate job of describing our less lengthy streets. Short Street holds claim to 375 name rights across the country.

#5: King Street

Total number of King Streets in Australia: 393

Not always named after British monarchs, King Street in Sydney was named after the Governor Phillip Gidley King.

#4: High St

Total number of High Streets in Australia: 393

It’s a British custom to name a town’s main strip High Street. We seemed to keep this tradition alive, naming no less than 393 High Streets.

#3: Church St

Total number of Church Streets in Australia: 400

When the Brits first came to Australia – they bought with them religion and churches. Which eventually lead to 400 Church Streets.

#2: William Street

Total number of William Streets in Australia: 452

King William IV held reign just before Queen Victoria, doubling as the time period when our early street names were being chosen.

#1: George St

Total number of George Streets in Australia: 521

Taking out the #1 spot by almost 100 streets, King George III holds claim to Australia’s most popular street name.