The kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether entertaining guests with Jamie Oliver-esque degustations, microwaving instant soup or staring longingly into an empty pantry, chances are that you’ll spend lots of time in your kitchen. It follows then, that this room merits a little love and attention from time to time. If your kitchen is looking a little sad and outdated, it might be time for a face-lift. Sprucing up this space could be as easy as adding a splash of colour and doesn’t have to cost the earth. We can’t guarantee it will improve your cooking skills, but it’s worth a try!

Hang Art

Compared to other rooms, the kitchen is often overlooked as an area for displaying artwork. Try hanging a painting on an empty wall or placing a sculpture on an empty shelf – you’ll create an interesting focal point and nicely break up the monotonous kitchenware. You don’t need to spend a fortune shopping for an original Picasso; the kitchen is a creative place, so express yourself with whatever catches your eye. Take care not to over-clutter when placing the art and position it away from potential food and liquid splashes. Installing a blackboard is another cheap and trendy option. These will satisfy both your practical and creative needs: write shopping lists, remind messy children to clean up, or unleash your inner artist with daily doodles.

Paint, Paint, Paint!

For the price of a tin of paint and a little sandpaper you can completely revitalise your kitchen! From spills and splashes, kitchens will generally endure more wear and tear than other rooms – deteriorating painted surfaces quickly. Above the cooking, food prep and washing-up areas, paint with a semi-gloss finish, as these are far more resistant to stains, easy to wipe clean and will maintain their look for a lot longer. If you don’t have the motivation or time to repaint the entire kitchen, a good compromise is just to concentrate on the cabinets and drawers. Pick a colour that stands out from your bench-tops and be amazed at the difference a quick lick of paint can make!

Update your accessories and small appliances

These days many kitchen appliances can be bought for a dime-a-dozen; so if your old, rusted sandwich-press no longer cuts the mustard, simply swap it out for a newer model. While you’re at it, inject a little colour into the kitchen – your new blender or kettle doesn’t have to come in stock-standard silver! With a little shopping around you should be able to find some great colours that compliment the overall look of your kitchen. You can also update your accessories, such as towels, chopping boards, cookbooks, dish racks and storage ware. Choose a bold colour scheme and go wild!

Go Green

Inserting plants is a simple way to bring a splash of colour and a range of health benefits into the kitchen. As well as promoting a fresh, natural aesthetic, plants serve a practical purpose by recycling out the vapors and toxins produced in the kitchen, dehumidifying and purifying the air that we breathe. Try low maintenance evergreens such as aloe vera and spider plants as these will endure the heat of the kitchen and survive well in pots. Having a range of potted herbs will also make for pleasant aromas and are easy to care for in an inside environment, away from garden pests and diseases.