Ingenious design blends a tiny home into its natural surroundings like never seen before.

The aptly named Disappear Retreat, born of cutting edge design and the most environmentally sustainable practices in the industry, barely leaves a footprint in the landscape.  In Fact, with an eight square-metre footprint and mirrored glass walls, the house is so perfectly disguised you’d hardly know it was there!

Designed by US architect, Carly Coulson, the retreat utilises solar energy, rainwater and composting solutions with integrated plumbing to achieve triple-zero living: zero energy, zero waste and zero water.  Made to resist extreme weather conditions, this intelligent yet simple structure requires no heating or cooling and could be placed in any variety of different landscapes, from an open field to a dense forest or even an urban backyard.

Prototypes are in construction now and models are expected to be available to the public in 2019. To find out more about this incredible design and hear from the architect herself, check out the links below:

Instagram: @disappear_retreat

See the images below